Plans and Pricing for End-Users

For reseller pricing see notes below.

Prepaid packages
Number of queriesPrice per package (EUR)Price / Query (EUR)
up to 200 a month

You are not limited to how meeting a look up quota every month. Any unused lookups simply roll-over to the next month and will never expire. Any credits, however, are non-refundable.
We accept payment via PayPal (login here and click the link in “credits”) or wire transfer. Please contact us for banking details.

Premium account

If you buy credits for at least EUR 75,- once you will become a Premium user automatically. This will give you access to special features.

Discounts for Resellers and Integration Partners

If you plan to resell this service or integrate it into one of your existing products (like a fraud detection suite, mailing list cleansing, or email validation) please contact us for pricing options. Depending on your specific usecase, existing pricing structure, and volume we are willing to grant discounts or discuss other plan and access options.

Monthly plans

We also offer a monthly subscription plan. Please let us know if this type of plan fits your needs.

Want to evaluate before you buy?

Good! Challenge us! Please read this article to see what we offer for larger amounts of data and companies with restrictions in evaluating external services.

If you are looking for a form where you can paste hundreds of domains to see the results instantly please use the bulk-tester (with your personal api key). If you want to check single domains use the standard test form.


Do you know of a currently unlisted domain providing disposable email services? If so, please report it to us and receive a reward!  (normally 200 non-expiring credits, depending on the number of occurrences in our logs).