is a service for operators of internet platforms with the aim to reduce the number of anonymous subscribers. As I run a forum by myself I know the problem of a raising amount of subscribers with one-time email addresses.

I found some lists at the web with domain names of known “Disposable e-mail address services”. But non of them are really useable as they are not up to date, or in a format you can not use directly, or salted with false positives (like *.ru domains). That’s why I provide this service. Hope you like it!

You may use the service free of charge for up to 200 queries a month if you register and accept the disclaimer first. If you need a higher number of queries please consider to buy additional credits.

Please keep in mind that everything you get here is without any warranty!

If you have any suggestions to improve the service please let us know. Any help to develop MODs and extensions that allows easy integration of this service in well-known software is appreciated (and rewarded with free credits, of course).