We are looking for different kind of partners:

Distribution Partners / Resellers / Integration Partners

Do you have one of your customers in mind when you are thinking of the usecases where the block-disposable-email service could generate a benefit? There are thousands of prospective customers out there – but the best marketing does not replace existing partnerships. That’s why we are looking for partners with strong partnerships to their customers and the willingness to talk with them about our services.

There are several ways how you could benefit, for example:

  • selling our service as a white label service of your own company
  • buy credits at BDEA at a resellers price and resell them to your customer base
  • simply tell us who we should contact and earn commission or free credits in case of a closed deal

Interested in working together? Please contact us.


You are a geek and you know how to write code in a particular programming language to accesses the BDEA api? Know how to write plugins or mod’s for content-management systems, newsletter management systems, and other tools?

Great! We would appreciate to publish your code example, your contact details, links to your website. Of course, you’ll get rewarded for your help!

Please let us know what you are able to deliver (example see here).

Content Partners

This BDEA service is not the first and only website dedicated to fight against fake accounts, forum spam, trolls, and other unwanted subscribers. If you run or know a service that we should mention here or that could need our data to enrich their content please let us know. There is for example a well established partnership with Stop Forum Spam, just to give you an idea.


A single line with the simple information that BDEA exists can generate thousands of new subscribers of our service. Are you the one that is able to reach this audience? A very nice example was an invitation to have an interview at Category5.tv, a Canadian technology channel.

Please get in touch with us and we will provide any information you could need to create an useful article, spot, tweet, …