Purpose and use case

The concept of block-disposable-email.com follows the idea to check domains right when they appear for the first time on our end. As long as domains haven’t been analyzed and in addition checked manually the API will always send an OK response. This might lead to the situation that for a duration of some hours our users get false negatives. As soon as a domain qualifies to get flagged as disposable email domain every user will get the right “BLOCK” response.

Especially users with a massive volume of queries might be interested to detect almost all dea domains. Instead of implementing a complicated cache and revalidation system on our users end we decided to disclose those domains that has been changed recently to dea status. Only domains will be listed which are relevant for a specific user – which means that a query for this domain has been sent before the domain status changed to dea. The timeframe took into consideration is 2 month.

The resulting domain list will help you to catch even more unwanted subscribers.

The number of queries to this api is unlimited. However, our proposal is to send a query once a day.


You need a Premium user account. See Pricing and Premium account for more information – you might already own one!

URL Syntax and example

Syntax: http://status.block-disposable-email.com/dea_recently_added.php?apikey={apikey}

Replace {apikey} by one of your api-keys. If you have more than one active api key you can use any of them. The response will always be the same as the analysis is based on account and not on api key level.

Response types

The output can have 3 different states:

  • A list of domains in plaintext, separated by \r\n (one line, one domain). The list will only contain domains that the specific user sent over and that have been changed to handpicked dea domains in the meanwhile.
  • A single line of plaintext if no relevant domains found: “###empty_list###”
  • Wrong key or no Premium account: “###fail_key###”

Version tracker

  • v 1.0 (2015-10-25): New api released.