If you use the recommended easyapi the false-positive prevention is build in already. No need to check for additional parameters. This information does exist for legacy reasons only.

As described in one of the FAQ’s this service changed the scope a bit over the time in order to detect some more types of domains that you propably do not want to have in your subscribers list. One example are “parking domains” that are often used for forward-all email addresses (so some kind of disposable email for one particular person).

This broader scope leads to more block-responses. Some of them may be stated as false-positives for those users who focus on real DEA domains only. So I decided to start a so called “handpicked disposable email domain list”. I use this name as every single domain added to this list is double-checked by human.

Handpicked DEA domains only

This kind of detection is often used by commercial users as they have to be sure not to block legit subscribers.

How to do it? Simply use the JSON or PHP serialized API and analyse the following attributes:

  • domain_type: (=”dea_provider”)
  • domain_is_handpicked: (=”1″)

If the values are as stated above block the subscriber, in any other case allow to subscribe.

The TXT api does not deliver this values.