Let’s minimize your risk.

If you are tasked with checking your existing user base for the existence of disposable email domains at your company then this offer is for you!

We can quickly generate statistics to let you know if our service makes sense for you. Our completely confidential service can run statistics against a focus group of your choice. No implementation needed on your side. Simply provide us with a plain text list of distinct domains based on your user base. We’ll run statistics against your focus group and provide you with a detailed statistical report which will include:

  • The number of known / unknown domains
  • The number of domains flagged as dea domains

These results will help you to decide whether our service is applicable and usable for your particular use case.. All information you provide us will be kept in complete confidence.

Why do we offer this free analysis?

Large companies are sometimes bogged down with complicated processes and procedures when it comes to evaluating a new product or service. Who will grant the budget? Who will do the implementation and evaluation internally? Who will be responsible for signing contracts?

We want to keep it simple and by-pass the time-consuming rhetoric by offering our evaluation on your test case absolutely FREE.

Let us:

  • Eliminate the gut feeling you may have about the number of dea domains in your user base by providing you with hard, undisputable facts.
  • Put your mind at ease at how simple yet comprehensive our service really is!