provides a status api that indicates if your api key is valid as well as the number of remaining credits in a JSON format. This might be helpful for both developers and operations (eg. for monitoring purposes).

URL Syntax and example



Response fields

Example 1 (key failed): {“request_status”:”ok”,”apikeystatus”:”inactive”,”servertime”:”2015-10-26 22:02:41″,”version”:”1.3″}

Example 2 (key ok): {“request_status”:”ok”,”apikeystatus”:”active”,”servertime”:”2015-10-26 21:54:32″,”version”:”1.3″,”credits”:”19178520″,”credits_time”:”2015-10-26 21:15:05″,”commercial_credit_status”:”good”,”commercial_credit_status_percent”:0.958926}

  1. request_status:Describes if the server succeeded or found any problems (always in lower case).
    • ok: Everything fine, the request has been handled as expected.
    • fail: Something is wrong with your api key. Please double-check, request a new one or contact us.
  2. apikeystatus:The simple answer if you should block or accept a domain (always in lower case).
    • fail: The key is not valid.
    • inactive: The key has not been activated. Usually means that it has been active but has been deactivated due to abuse of the service.
    • active: Everything fine.
  3. servertime: The local time of the server in the moment of your request. If you feel any troubles and want to contact me please tell me this time so I can easier surf the logs.
  4. version: The current version of the service.
  5. credits: The number of remaining credits.
  6. credits_time: Credits are not calculated in realtime but in a ~180 minutes schedule. This timestamp shows you when the credits of your account have been recalculated.
  7. commercial_credit_status: This attribute indicates the status of remaining credits. Instead of the number of credits you will get a string that can be used by IT monitoring systems (such as Nagios). 

    • good: Everything’s fine. The number of remaining credits is higher than 20% of your last purchase.
    • low: Remaining credits are lower than 20% of your last purchase. You should consider to add some credits.
    • exhausted: Alarm! React now – otherwise fake users may sign-up.
  8. commercial_credit_status_percent: Remaining credits in percent (1 = 100%, calculated by currently available credits divided by number of credits of your latest purchase)

Version Tracker status API

  • v 1.3 (2013-11-13): Added attribute “commercial_credit_status_percent”
  • v 1.2 (2013-09-05): Added attribute to indicate the commercial credits status
  • v 1.0 (2012-02-04): First release