Standard-Software users

Like it really simple? Check if your application provides Webhooks and use the BDEA api right out of the box eg. with Marketo or Salesforce.

If you are using phpBB, Drupal, WordPress, vBulletin, and similar systems you don’t need programming skills. Simply register to get an api key and download the particular module for your system.

Click here for an overview of available mods or here to find a skilled developer who helps to integrate.


You plan to use the BDEA data for a self-developed, customized, or standard-software without available module? Have a look at our “Easy API”, straight forward, easy to access.

Read here how to send requests to get responses.

Enterprise users with special requirements

Enterprise users often have to follow corporate compliance regulations, service level agreements, privacy policies and data security rules. We know that – and even if you feel inflexible: we’ll find a solution to grant access to our data.

Let’s discuss on your particular needs – drop us a line.